Artist Statement Girl in Bed



I am inspired by literature to create tableaux from everyday life. In this piece I strive to express my interest in stream of consciousness writing and how it addresses the minutia of daily thought. Girl in Bed is a time-based piece that is akin to a snapshot of a poignant moment in the life of someone I know and love. When we look at a snapshot it takes us back mentally while we remain rooted physically in the present.

In the installations I utilize found objects. These objects which are touched, used and worn have their own aesthetic. Beyond their inherent beauty "found objects are our companions to our emotional lives and provocations to thought. Consider the inseparability of thought and feeling in our relationship to things." 

Girl in Bed can be compared to a performance piece. Rather than using my body to express an idea I have substituted a modeled figure. I work in a traditional method of modeling, mold making and casting. By making my adult figures smaller than average, I hope to emphasize the importance of memory and the connection between our past and present self.